Welcome to the Baltic Sea spa Graal-Müritz

We can only connect to the wonderful descriptions of the traditional Baltic spa Graal-Müritz, its fantastic location with sandy beaches, sometimes arranged with baskets and DLRG, sometimes wildly romantic and natural with nudist beaches, the unique aerosol healing climate through the interplay of coastal forest and sea, the exciting walks through the nature reserve Ribnitzer Great Moor, the many well-developed cycling and hiking trails as Rostock-Warnemünde or Darß, the secret tip for mushroom and berry collectors, the colorful leisure of art, culture, sports and attractions , the swimming and leisure pool AQUADROM filled with sea water and various additional spa, health and sports facilities. Graal-Müritz is a recreational and health resort with very well-developed infrastructure, yet not sophisticated. Worth a stay in every season! The journey is possible except by car also by train, bus and public transport. In the main season you can sail from pier Graal-Müritz to Warnemünde. Once here you do not need a car anymore. 10 minutes by bike and 25 minutes by foot through the forest, then you are on the beach. Conclusion: Graal-Müritz is worth a trip in every season. Did we forget something? Find out! The food is varied and in some places highly recommended.